How to Deal with a Drop in Grades in College

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drop in grades in college
We’ve all heard about, or known someone, who was a model student in high school – that person who was consistently getting high grades in all high school classes and was ready to enter college with a bright outlook and high expectations. Then, suddenly, that student’s 4.0 average drops to 3.0 or worse, and they find themselves not only struggling in university but may be failing some classes.

Why Grades Drop in College

What’s the reason for this phenomenon? Why are these high achieving students faltering when they enter university? And what can be done to help them? As noted at this site, the reasons and solutions are multi-faceted.

Overall, high-achieving high school students are experiencing a multitude of influences that cause lower grades once in post-secondary, such as:

Lack of Preparation

They’re not properly prepared for college: Overall, the courses in post-secondary institutions are simply much harder than what they’re used to in high school. Plus, perhaps the student wasn’t adequately prepared by their teachers, parents and counsellors for these classes, so the result is a shock.

Burnout from High School

They over-studied and overachieved in high school so they could get into that elite university, and experience a burnout once they do. Further, those study skills and marks from high school just aren’t enough for a college level.

Lack of Coping Skills

The effect on that high GPA, high achieving high school student that experiences a decline in grade in university can be much different than the effect on an average scoring peer. What this means is that the high achiever that fails their very first class in university can be much more likely to give up than someone who is more used to average marks or even failure.

This high achiever has never dealt with the feelings and repercussions of doing poorly in class, and as a result, they may not know how to cope with this.

How to Deal with a Drop in Grades

Luckily there are some tips on how you can overcome this university grade slump, and continue that success from high school well into your post-secondary life.

drop in grades college

Get some Perspective

One way is to get some perspective around the norm for grades in university. After all, the academic expectations are usually much higher in university, and the course content much more challenging.

A B mark for an A student may be terrible for that student to accept, but has he/she looked at the class average? That B score may still be the best in the class. Try to judge the quality of the work you have produced, rather than the letter grade that has been assigned to it.

Be Realistic about Your Expectations

The second tip is to be realistic, and kind to yourself. If you look at your mark as a reflection of the professor’s dislike for you, or an accusatory stance on your character, you are likely way off base.

Most professors have a keen investment into ensuring their students absorb the information they are presenting (this is often tied to their passion for the content that they are teaching), and it is usually in their best interest for you to do well.

With this being said, try approaching your professor about a bad grade in a positive way so to learn why it was bad, and how you can do better. This can help your professor understand that you want to do better and that you are ready to earn it.

Get to the Source

If you continue to get poor marks in university, consider setting up a meeting with your professor or instructor. A one on one meeting is often the most efficient way to learn from a bad grade.

It can help you as the student get some clarity around the content, and solve any mysteries around the questions that you were unclear about. It also puts a name to your face and allows you to stick out more in class, which can be helpful.

Renting Out Your Home for the Summer

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renting out home

According to Square One, renting out your home can truly provide a significant residual income, to offset your mortgage or travelling costs or just to make some extra cash.

We’ve all heard of vacation rental websites such as and They’re user-friendly and informative websites that allow you to browse rental properties – from condos to mansions – available all over the world.

You can filter down to area travelling, waterfront, pool on site, and more. The sites often offer accommodations that are cheaper than hotels, and that provide all the comforts of home, they are a fantastic option for travellers who want luxury and style.

Once you see how well these rental properties do for generating income, have you ever considered that you could cash in on this trend? Perhaps your home has a lot to offer – maybe it’s oceanfront, near a hot spot tourist destination, or a peaceful vineyard?

It can be a great opportunity for the right people – however, there are some serious things to consider before you take the plunge. Renting your home is not a simple, one-step process. Many channels need to be navigated, such as:

Ensure the Safety of your Plumbing, Heating and Electrical

Before you make your space available to renters you should ensure that all your plumbing, heating/cooling and electrical is well functioning and up to date. It pays off to invest in a professional plumber or electrician to review and update your plumbing and electrical as needed. Remember, prevention is better than cure!


Check out your Municipal or Strata Regulations around Renting

If your home is part of strata, or if you have a single detached home, you should always do some research around rental rules. Check the rules with your city’s zoning department and your strata association board, if applicable.

Ideally, consult a local real estate lawyer to ensure that you are within your rights. This consultation will help to protect you and your renters.

Get Insurance!

While renting out your dwelling may seem like a great income generator, we’ve all heard horror stories about renters that trash the property, host massive parties, cause problems and worse.

You have to make sure that you have insurance to cover any of this damage and to make sure you are screening your tenants beforehand to avoid this in the first place! Which brings us to the subject of damages:

Ask for a Damage Deposit and References

References may only be necessary for long term rentals – however, a damage deposit is essential. If the renter damages your dwelling, you keep their cash.

You can also draft a rental agreement that will protect you from issues and liabilities. It can also include an occupancy agreement which will prevent the renter from bringing their whole fraternity with them!

Price your Home Right

Do your research on other dwellings that are for rent in your area and find out where they’re priced. You want to be competitive – not overcharge, but not be the cheapest, either. Your price will also depend on the location, your home’s size and the amenities you offer.

Also, consider costs such as maintaining your home while you’re away from it, paying a housecleaner, and if you’re renting it out often, you may want to employ a property manager to do much of the legwork for you.

Overall – Be Cautious

By using websites such as AIRBNB and VRBO, you are mostly protected against any horror stories or significant losses – so if you are going to start renting out your home, it is advised to go through this sort of channel.

BUT, don’t forget your additional home insurance on top of that – you can never have too much insurance!

Order Fulfillment and Your Warehouse

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Today, order fulfillment agencies both big and small prefer to hire an outsourcing partner to deliver their inventories to their consumers. It is best to count on these order fulfillment Services provider for your companies and consume you time and money.

Warehousing is a perfect business and demands every time, everywhere responsibility of managing not only inventories but also added labor forces that costs you a lot. Order fulfillment companies move towards professional warehousing dealers rather than doing it themselves.

There are some important useful points to select the right order fulfillment partner for your agency.

These are the coasts that may be incurred with an order fulfillment service include:

  • Transporting: You are responsible for all the transporting charges that occur as your items will fulfill out. If you fulfill enough you may be able to get one of the major bundle carriers to offer you a bulk discount, but either way it is you that will have to pay the charges for a warehouse rental in vancouver.
  • No Picking and Packing: Best benefits to using an order fulfillment service is that you will no longer have to pick and pack the items that you required to ship. Because you will have all of your items stored at the fulfillment service’s warehouse, that means they will get everything ready to ship and then ship it out when it is ready to go.
  • Receiving Fee: If you have product transport on a regular basis to your order fulfillment provider’s warehouse you can expect to pay a receiving fee.
  • Freed Up Time: When you use an order fulfillment service, all you have to do is worry about growing your business and selling more products because they do all the work with inventory and transporting so you do not have to.
  • Storage Cost: You will have your whole inventory stored in the order fulfillment service’s warehouse you will have to pay for such storage. Few order fulfillment services will charge per product and some will charge per pallet so be sure you know ahead of time so that you do not run into an unwelcomed fee.
  • Set up Fees: This fee is not seen as much as it once was due to and grows in competition. But you should forever ask if the order fulfillment service you are considering charges a set up fee. If they do it is only going to be a onetime fee and may be worth it to you if the facility is convenient to you.
  • Return Processing Fees: Sometimes a buyer will want to return a product for some reasons. When this happens various services will charge you a return processing fee or a re-stocking fee.
  • Using an order fulfillment service will help you get back on way and permit you to expand your company to any level you desire. The more you sell, the more your service will go to work for you. Most prominently, you will be able to go about the increasing of your company without having to sacrifice the happiness of even one customer. In the end, customer satisfaction is what it is all about.

The Laser Tattoo Removal Process

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laser tattoo removal phoenix
About 25% of all Americans have some or the other tattoos on their body. However, as time passes by and the subjects, themes and emotions related to the tattoo seem to fade away, about half of such people wish to get their tattoo removed. This happens with the help of laser tattoo removal, which is nowhere near easy or even inexpensive.

These days, the lasers have become very sophisticated because of which the pigment is broken up sooner and there are minimum side effects of the process as well. Usually, the black ink is easier to remove. These tattoos will need several laser sittings to fade away properly.

In the case of a laser tattoo removal, you will first have to find an expert who does so. You will be made to wear protective eye shields after which the real reaction of the laser against your skin will be tested.

The tattoo removal expert will be placing a hand held laser device near the skin and release short intensive lights on to the pigment. This pigment then absorbs this laser light which makes it break down in the skin. The immune system of the body will automatically remove the broken down pigment from the skin because of which your tattoo starts to fade with time. If the first test is successful and you don’t show any negative reactions, then you will be given a complete laser light treatment.

The smaller tattoos will need lesser number of laser tattoo removal sittings. However, no matter how small the tattoo, it will always need multiple sittings and several weeks to fade away. As the laser is absorbed only by the pigment, you will find that the skin near the tattoo is not damaged at all. Different tattoo colors would need different types of laser for being broken down in the skin.

The tattoo layers and the size along with the colors will determine the number of sittings that one will have to undergo in order to get the tattoo removed completely.

Most of the people do not need an anesthetic in order to undergo the laser tattoo removal process. It is the safest method of removing tattoos from the skin. After each treatment, the person who is getting the tattoo removed needs to apply an ice pack to the tattoo and then use an antibiotic cream to soothe the area. A protective patch can also be applied to this area.

Botox Treatments Explained

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botox training
What comes to mind when you hear Botox? If you’re like most people, you would normally think about wrinkle-free faces, younger-looking skin and best of all, perfection. There’s some bit of truth in there. What most people fail to hear about is the real benefits of Botox, how do surgeons come up with those results, how long will they last and how does it feel like. Not many surgeons will take the time to explain that, fortunately, we are taking that time to explain all of that.

Of all cosmetic surgery procedures you know of, Botox is on top of the list. The demand for it is too high in modern society. But let’s be straightforward about it. Only highly trained and licensed physicians should administer this procedure. Only those with prescriptions from a doctor can have it administered. Once on the operating room, eating your lunch will take much time than the procedure itself. Much like many other operations, it involves needles and for women, this is a sign of pain. There’s another hint of truth in that but the little pinch last approximately 10 seconds and it subsides just as fast. After a few minutes, the doctor will schedule you for follow-up visits in 2-3 weeks time.

Let’s Talk about Results

There is a reason why the doctor schedules your next appointment with them after 3 weeks. As noted at the site, that is exactly the maximum time period where you get to see the results you want. This is also the time where your doctor gets to monitor the progress of the procedure and fine-tune anything that needs minor adjustments, if there’s any. The results would stay for another 2 to 6 months or anywhere in between. After that, you must undergo another treatment. Consistent patients must undergo three Botox treatments annually to maintain their newly achieved facial appearance. This is in accordance with widespread studies proclaiming that the longer one receives this treatment, the longer the results will last.

On Side Effects

Side effects is patient-specific and every patient may experience a side effect differently. Some patients even go about it without experiencing any side effects at all. Some known side effects are as follows:

  • Touch sensitivity
  • Minor redness
  • Swelling
  • Temporary droopy eyelids
  • Bleeding
  • Minor bruising

A rather amusing piece of information found by training programs and researchers is that approximately 7% of patients record no response to the Botox treatments at all; the reason is yet to be known.

HR Software that Your HR Department Loves

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By automating HR administrative tasks reduce effort, increase accuracy and improve your work efficiency. As noted on, assessments, trainings, interviews, deadlines for submitting returns and expiry of labor contracts as these are some of the aspects of the HR software can help. The alert reminds you of important events and alerts you whenever there are errors in data entry.

Through the online portal employees have the right to view pay slips, submit leave requests for approval or direct managers can see how many vacation days have to be made.

Your information is kept secure at all times. The application allows allocating different roles to each user. In this way you can control the amount of information that users can access (view or edit).

Manage all stages through which your employees from selected candidates until retirement.

Keep track incoming CVs and recruitment projects. Monitor the training needs of each employee. The software allows you to plan, budget and monitor the evolution of your employees.

Information specific to each HR process is not isolated but is organized in a series of logical connections that allow you to generate complex analyzes. Based on this analysis it will be much easier to take informed decisions and accurate.

No need to invest time and effort to keep up with frequent changes in labor legislation. The software is up to date with legislative changes so that you get rid of an extra care.
With other words, using HR software only brings benefits to your company. Reduces costs and the HR employees will love to work with the HR software. If not insured employee satisfaction and there is total transparency in dealing with them, the entire business is affected. It is therefore necessary software of human resources management process to ensure maximum efficiency in getting a work employees and not least their professional development as required by the company.

Regardless of the number of employees or industry, every company is required by an automatic calculation of salaries, issuing statements required by the regulations in force, extracting reports and calculate bonuses or deductions on salaries. Moreover, legislative changes frequently require high flexibility of the system.

Besides reduced development time and ease of use of the software, it allows the automation of issuing statements, money orders or mandatory reporting. This eliminates the possibility of human error or lack of information on certain mandatory activities.

The formulas for calculating the salaries are configurable and make parameters, allowing real-time adaptation to changes in internal or external nature of the company. In addition, the application allows and salary budget planning by conducting simulations. This produced a more rigorous control of the wage bill. At the end, using a HR software, you will have updated legislation, full control of payroll, better employees, less costs and the experience has shown that the most effective way companies to withstand a bear market is to reduce costs without affecting the quality of products, services and company image and while maintaining a level of profitability that allows continued development of the business.

Secure Your Valuables While You Travel

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When people think of the protection that they need, they hardly ever think about the need for travel insurance. However, if you have been planning and saving for a big family trip for a long period must you take measures to guard the cash that you have spent on your journey. After all, it can take only one accident or regrettable event to bring your journey to stop, and you will want to be secured by protection plan created for the risks and failures that can occur while on holiday. You will find many companies provide vacation coverage and my home insurance.

What Does Journey Insurance plan Cover?

According to, travel insurance usually includes termination or disruption of your journey, lost or thieved luggage, healthcare urgent situations and common journey assistance services. Departure date is developed protect those risks and failures that are not secured by a common insurance plan, although certain exceptions such as an act of God, deliberate loss, or activities of the government still apply traveling plans. Limitations and circumstances differ on each plan, so it is best to inform yourself on such conditions for each plan that you consider.

How Much Protection Will I Need?

I can look at my vacation coverage and my home insurance. I can see that the quantity of coverage that you I will need for each will differ based on your location, the all-inclusive costs of the journey and the regularity with which you travel. If you have reserved a costly journey, for example, you will want to make sure you guarantee your journey against unconscious termination or disruption for most if not all of the quantity you paid for your journey. If you are moving costly items in your luggage, you will also need to take consider that when selecting coverage boundaries. Emergency healthcare cost coverage is usually offered as an excess quantity over your primary wellness care coverage.

Does My House, Auto, Life or Health Insurance plan Cover Me While on Vacation:

Your home, auto, wellness or life protections may protect your failures while you are on holiday although many guidelines will limit that coverage to certain boundaries and insurance coverage and have a specified area in which you are secured. If you find yourself travelling outside of the area of your plan, you will no longer be secured under the conditions of your insurance contract during the time that you are there. You should ask your insurance company or an associate from your service provider about the details of your guidelines as they correspond with coverage offered while traveling.

Purchasing vacation coverage and my home insurance is a great way to give yourself the satisfaction that comes with knowing your investment of cash is secured. Please remember that the circumstances, coverage amounts and secured failures will differ from plan to plan and that this article is intended only to provide a common summary of travel insurance. Seek advice from with your insurance company or associate when considering and selecting plans so that you are fully informed of all of the appropriate circumstances.

Botox Cosmetic Injections for a Fresher You

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Botox in medical terms is known as botulinum toxin. It is a kind of neurotoxic protein, which is produced by bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum. With the help of this neurotoxic protein the Botox cosmetic injections are prepared. These injections are used to smooth wrinkles and lines on the face, which is a result from the contraction of muscles related to facial expression. BOTOX cosmetic injections relax these muscles and easily smooth all the hyperfunctional lines, which leads to a sad tired or angry appearance.

It not only helps in preventing aging and typically the earlier you begin, the better you can delay the aging process. These injections not only decrease the chances of having a major cosmetic surgery, but also help in saving in saving a great amount of money.  According to, many people are increasingly using these types of injections to stop the aging process.

People prefer Botox because it is cheaper and faster in comparison to plastic surgery. The results look much better and natural, when it is applied with caution by the skillful professionals. Similar to any kind of cosmetic treatment, it requires to be performed by highly qualified professionals.

These injections are commonly considered as the best method for effectively removing and treating facial wrinkles.  Though, the actual fact which is applicable to any form of treatment, Botox cosmetic injections is not correct for everyone.  For some people the decision of not applying Botox injections can be the due to personal dislike for such kind of injections, well for others this decision might be due to any kind of severe medical condition.  But, Botox cosmetic injections must not be given to people who have allergies as well as to the women who are pregnant. At the same time, the specialist must assess all the possible neurological disorders before doing this treatment.

After making sure whether you are medically fit to undergo Botox cosmetic injections or not, the next thing to be determined is whether these injections will actually have the required ability to give you adequate results that you are looking for.  This element of the assessment will need you to find a truthful evaluation of the current state of your skin.  It is important to keep in mind that you are aware that such kind of injections is most successful in the initial phases of the aging process. 

You might experience some kind of improvement after using these injections on very deep wrinkles; chances are that this process may not yield the required results which you might be hoping.  Therefore, you will have to take into watchful consideration how severe the wrinkles are, and what is the probability that these deep wrinkles will respond optimistically to Botox cosmetic injections.

Treating wrinkles through Botox Cosmetic injections is considered a safe process, but some patients might experience some kind of side effects, such as short-term paralysis of the muscles, or an allergic reaction and bruising near the injection site. A qualified nurse or physician having experience with Botox injections must determine whether you are fit for it or not.