The Laser Tattoo Removal Process

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About 25% of all Americans have some or the other tattoos on their body. However, as time passes by and the subjects, themes and emotions related to the tattoo seem to fade away, about half of such people wish to get their tattoo removed. This happens with the help of laser tattoo removal, which is nowhere near easy or even inexpensive.

These days, the lasers have become very sophisticated because of which the pigment is broken up sooner and there are minimum side effects of the process as well. Usually, the black ink is easier to remove. These tattoos will need several laser sittings to fade away properly.

In the case of a laser tattoo removal, you will first have to find an expert who does so. You will be made to wear protective eye shields after which the real reaction of the laser against your skin will be tested.

The tattoo removal expert will be placing a hand held laser device near the skin and release short intensive lights on to the pigment. This pigment then absorbs this laser light which makes it break down in the skin. The immune system of the body will automatically remove the broken down pigment from the skin because of which your tattoo starts to fade with time. If the first test is successful and you don’t show any negative reactions, then you will be given a complete laser light treatment.

The smaller tattoos will need lesser number of laser tattoo removal sittings. However, no matter how small the tattoo, it will always need multiple sittings and several weeks to fade away. As the laser is absorbed only by the pigment, you will find that the skin near the tattoo is not damaged at all. Different tattoo colors would need different types of laser for being broken down in the skin.

The tattoo layers and the size along with the colors will determine the number of sittings that one will have to undergo in order to get the tattoo removed completely.

Most of the people do not need an anesthetic in order to undergo the laser tattoo removal process. It is the safest method of removing tattoos from the skin. After each treatment, the person who is getting the tattoo removed needs to apply an ice pack to the tattoo and then use an antibiotic cream to soothe the area. A protective patch can also be applied to this area.

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